Long time no post, since I'm confused about what photo editor that i should use for editting my photos. Any recommended photo editor beside photoshop? Please tell me hihihi. Because of this, for a while I cant post my ootd photos to this blog, you can see my OOTD on instagram.com/sryoctaaa :)

Talk about whats fashion that trend now, I choose to share about how to wear flannel shirt. This is some idea for wearing flannel shirt. Hope you can enjoyed it.

1. Tight your flannel shirt on your waist

2. Unbotton your shirt and pair with plain dress or plain tshirt or maybe you can pair it with pattern tshirt.

 3. Mix your flannel shirt with dark jeans and you can find the simple one look yet edgy.

4. You can wear it in winter by adding the sweater that match color with your shirt.

To add some flannel shirts collection, I recommend you to find it in  http://www.zalora.co.id/kemeja-flanel/ So many flannel shirt in here. you can find that suits with your style. Happy hunting :)